About Us

Hi there,

Welcome to our family blog!

Our story started in small town of Sweden, Halmstad in 2012. Astra and me (Laura) met while studying abroad. We moved to Berlin, Germany for 3 years, travelled around Asia for six months and decided to set our home in Mallorca, where I was born. Our family grew in march 2019 with the arrival of our little bundle oj joy: Luca. After that, we decided to get married in septembre 2019 and celebrate with our loved ones such a beautiful family that we have created.

About our love for food

Astra has been a vegetarian since he was born and vegan until the age of eighteen (too bad he discovered cheese). Our super cute one year old son, Luca, is being brough up as an ovovegan until he can decide what he wants to eat, of course with the proper education and guidance from us. And me Laura, vegetarian for seven years. The three of us share a strong passion for food, people that know us will joke about how much of a foodie Luca is, just like daddy and mummy.

We want to share our journey through parenthood with people that is in similar situations. Raising your kids with healthy and homemade meals seems easy, but the truth is that we are all too busy to find time to spend cooking and searching for the perfectly nutritious meals you want your kids to have.

On our blog you can find simple and still delicious, full of nutrients and fresh ingredients recipes for the whole family. We will try to always provide a toddler (kid) version of every meal we prepare. Not always possible, but we will get there.

We hope you join and enjoy our journey!


Astra, Luca and Laura.