Apple Sauce

apple sauce

Apple sauce is a staple at home. It never used to be, but since we had our son Luca, we have been cooking this a lot and all the family loves it. It’s really easy to make and it lasts for a good few days in the fridge.

We love having it warm in winter and cold when the weather is warmer. It tastes delicious both ways.

Apple is a fruit that we always have in the house. We buy apples weekly, and always end up eating the rest of the fruit before them. Sunday is a good day to use the food that we haven’t used during the week, so when we have a little bit of extra time, we cook apple sauce to have ready.

Perfect for Toddlers and Kids

Our apple sauce is perfect for toddlers and kids as it does not contain any sugar. It is made with three simple ingredients: apples, cinnamon and lemon juice. Simple right? Believe me, it doesn’t need any sugar, the cooked apples are sweet enough! It’s a good way to introduce this fruit to your baby as well for the first time.

What can I make with Apple Sauce?

Well, apple sauce will be the perfect ingredient for many of your recipes or dishes. Here some examples:

  • To top your Morning Pancakes: Your pancakes can be healthier by adding apple sauce on the top instead of sugary stuff. This sauce is a delicious topping for pancakes or crepes.
  • As a snack: At least twice a week, apple sauce is our snack. It’s just another way of eating fruit, our son loves it and so do we. Just pour some sauce in a small container, grab a spoon and enjoy! If you are looking for snacks, you may also want to check out our Vegan Chocolate Mousse.
  • For desserts: Apple sauce is the perfect sweetener for your desserts. Add it to your favourite recipes such as loaf cakes or muffins.
  • As a spread: I love toast in the morning, but we try to keep it interesting so we don’t end up having the same every day. I love when we have apple sauce leftover in the fridge. Vegan butter + apple sauce makes a perfect morning toast.
  • Porridge: Our toddler Luca has porridge 8 out of 10 days, meaning that we need to try to keep it a bit interesting for him. Apple sauce is perfect as it gives your porridge a sweeter taste and the cinnamon in it complements the oats just amazingly.
  • For your smoothies, yoghurt, cereals, etc.

The best apples for applesauce are the softer varieties like golden delicious. I have to say that I have used different types of apples, and it has always turned out really tasty, but for a smoother taste, it’s preferable to use softer types.

Apple Sauce

Sugar-free delicious apple sauce using just three simple ingredients
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: baby-food, Breakfast
Keyword: apple, Applesauce, dairyfree, sugarfree, toddler, Vegan


  • 5 to 7 apples
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice


  • Clean, peal a core the apples. Cut them into bite size pieces.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of water in a medium or small size pot and bring to medium heat. Add the apples, cinnamon and cover the pot. Leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes. The apples should be soft enough to mash with a fork with no effort.
  • Transfer the apples into a bowl, add the lemon juice and blend with a fork until desired consistency. For me, the perfect consistency is when you can still bite into little chunks of apple. If you are preparing the sauce for a baby, smooth consistency may be better and you may need to blend it.


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